Free Consultation

We'll organise a meeting, either at our office in Woodstock or a place of your choice. Then we can find out what your goals and purposes of your web campaign are and match them up our services in order to get you there. Things to be discussed will include a timeframe, design, content, functionality, budget & other web based media, e.g. Email Newsletters.


Proposal & Design

As discussed in the consultation, we will formalise our plan as well as make a mockup of the end product. When you have reviewed the proposal, made adjustments accordingly, and given us the all clear we will begin building. If you have decided to use our design services here, designs will be drawn up.



Here we will build the designs into a functioning product. We often find that our clients don't always have enough content, whether be it images or text, to fill the site; we can help with sourcing of such media.



When the website has been finished, we will discus whether the product is as you desired, and if not amend it accordingly.



When everything has been checked for functionality we will publish it to go live on the web. At this point we will usually do SEO, if we hadn't already. If you have used our email newsletter service, the emails will go out when you want them to.


Ongoing Support

Having a web presence is vital in a modern world of business. However, keeping on top of your website's content and functionality can be difficult, so we offer a service in which we can continue to work together to keep on top of it.